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Thoughts on Haiti January 22, 2010

Filed under: Current Events (Global) — Joan Botts @ 3:14 pm

Just wrote this as a response to a friend’s blog, but thought it might stir up some comments on my own blog!

I’ve been amazed by how the country and the world came together for Haiti. Unfortunately, as with most major disasters, there’s always a glitch – that being that all those damn supplies and donations aren’t helping the victims right now…as witnessed on CNN and other news networks. Hopefully there will be lots of lessons learned for future disasters of a similar nature. The fact that those folks have no food/water does have me thinking twice EVERY time I eat something. Isn’t that weird? I know people are starving everywhere and I’ve always known this, but something about Haiti has me truly appreciating the food and drink I have available to me. Guess we never know what will be the “trigger” to make each of us more self aware, but this did it for me.

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2 Responses to “Thoughts on Haiti”

  1. Mike Stone Says:

    The people are very willing and able to help; but as is often the case, corrupt government is the problem. Haiti’s is one of the worst.

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