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Customer service – dead and gone? February 4, 2010

Filed under: Personal — Joan Botts @ 9:42 pm

My friends make fun of me b/c I’m the Queen of Complaint Letters. Whenever I experience anything negative from a service standpoint, they’ll say “uh oh, I smell a complaint letter!” Damn right. What happened to the days of treating your neighbor as you would yourself? Just being a little kind and courteous and respectful to the customer? Is that so hard? I guess it is.

The thing is my letters must be pretty damn effective b/c I almost ALWAYS get a response. Do I write these letters for the free meal vouchers? No. I write them so these companies can work on getting better.

How many times have YOU had a bad service experience but never told the company what happened?

This past week I spoke with the store manager for a Walmart near my house. He was responding to an email I had sent corporate (I also sent a letter to the CEO Mike Duke). He and I discussed in detail my issues with his store. He, in turn, gave me lots of “reasons” for the things I was frustrated with (shortage of cashiers during their busiest times, empty shelves – inventory issues, lack of friendliness of all cashiers).

Yesterday, I went to Chickfila. The one by my house has a drive-thru that usually moves pretty fast. I ordered a small chocolate shake, 3 cars in front of me, it took so long I turned my car engine off. Once I finally got up to the window, she gave me my shake, I placed it in my cupholder, paid her, left, went to pick up the shake, and the stupid bubble plastic cap wasn’t on right. Because the shake was liquidy – not thick, it went all over my pants, my hands, the cup, my seat. Wow. Really?! How pissed was I? Yes, I sent an email.

Don’t be shy, folks. It’s the ONLY way to help the places you buy from to get better – giving them honest feedback in a TIMELY fashion, right?


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