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Romph Update – 4/20/10 April 20, 2010

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I read how someone is using their blog as a diary of memories of their kids. I should’ve done this LONG ago for my Chelsea, but better late than never, right? I’ll try to put weekly notes in here for her to read when she gets older.

We continue to fight almost DAILY in the mornings over her straightening her hair OR wearing too much make-up. It gets so old, but she definitely does NOT listen and does her own thing. Gee, wonder where she gets it.

She is in 6th grade (1st year of middle school almost over) at Caddo Middle Magnet – still getting straight As. She’s in Student Council this year – Sgt at Arms. Currently campaigning to be 7th grade Parliamentarian. Her poster last year was just a CMM school spirit type poster. This year, it’s “New Moon” – very cool. She also recently tried out and made the 7th grade cheer squad (she’s currently a 6th grade cheerleader). She’s never had tumbling up until this year, but she’s loud and knows how to smile!

Megan’s brother Steven was in terrible car accident on Sat morning, so we didn’t go to Memphis to see mom. Instead, I felt compelled to keep the girls busy all day. IHOP then Boardwalk, saw “Clash of the Titans,” walked around, shopped all day, then they went to parade and dinner and ANOTHER movie with Kristie and Carson. Last night, took the girls to Holiday in Dixie – was chilly but EMPTY so they got to ride everything and never had to wait in line.

Steven is still in serious condition, but he’s in the best place he can be. Surgery on Sun for left leg. Surgery this Thu for left arm. Put cast on right arm – broken. Ribs broken. Cheek fractured. Huge gashes in the head. Torn liver. BUT ALIVE – thank God. Prayers needed for him AND his family. We’ve tried to keep Megan distant from it – and preoccupied.

This is dress-up week at Caddo. Yesterday girls dressed as Tacky Dress Day – so cute.

Today was Twins Day.

Tomorrow is Super Hero day (Powerpuff Girls).

Thursday is Decades Day (’80s).

Friday is casual day.

Jeffrey was in Idaho last week – his monthly visit. This week he’s in Montreal. Gone for 2 weeks in a row. Miss him, but he’s so damn dedicated to G&P that I know he’s always going to do what he has to do for work. My last visual of him is us at L’auberge.

Went to Rooftop last week – but it wasn’t the same without him there.

Last couple days were unusually chilly, but today it’s sunny and I believe we’ll be back up into the ’70s and ’80s (with rain forecasted for the weekend of course).

Rocky still struggles with left eye issues and we’re finishing drops for ear infection (again). I need to take him tomorrow for vet to do re-check…UGH.

Signing off for now…


2 Responses to “Romph Update – 4/20/10”

  1. emifitz Says:

    love the romph update! you guys are such a sweet, fun family!!

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