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Romph Update – 4/21/10 April 21, 2010

Filed under: General,Personal — Joan Botts @ 8:09 pm

Chels and I went for an hour-long walk yesterday and had a very good mother/daughter “talk.” If I didn’t know it before then, I know now she’s a very bright, mature, thoughtful 12-yr-old.

Hate that she’s growing up so fast – hate it. I treasure the moments where her “age” still jumps out and she’s still just a young kid.

She dressed like Buttercup today – she did the costume great. Megan’s Bubbles and Carson’s Blossom. I made each of them signs.

She also tapes her student council speech today!

Then after school they have their Sadies Dance – so cute.

JRR gone now for 9 days traveling for work – ugh. Will be back on Sat.! Scary thing is I’ve gotten used to him being gone.

Signing off…


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