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Romph Update – 4/26/10 April 26, 2010

Filed under: Personal — Joan Botts @ 6:18 pm

Chels & Meg went to Friday Night Fun at Acrosports. They love it.

Meg spent night – let ’em sleep in on Sat.

When they got up, we went to see Stephen at hospital for 1st time. I think it was hard for the girls to see him so beat up, but, according to all friends and family, he looks 100% better than he did a week ago. Weather was beautiful and hospital let him spend some time outside, which was awesome.

Then we went to airport to pick up Jeffrey – finally home after 2 wks.

Then raced home to get girls ready to cantor at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church where they did the Sacrament of Confirmation today. Beautiful afternoon.

Then we went to Applebees for late lunch/dinner then girls babysat Miller. Busy day/night for them!

Jeffrey and I went to see THE DAN BAND at Horseshoe’s Last Saturday party – band was so funny. Had a good time.

Sunday was relaxing day – drove around in the convertible with JRR. Girls went on a 4-hr church field trip to Walter Jacobs park where they almost got lost on some nature trails (uh oh). Now Chels loves this park and wants me to take her every other week. Really?! Couldn’t commit to that, but she recently bought a few cactus plants and seeds and is growing her own flowers. Every day she’s moving the plant to give it light, then back to the shade, then watering it, etc. She was never hugely into being a plant/flower person until now, so I guess the nature trail thing just ties into her latest love of plants.

Went to our neighborhood crawfish boil – Lingay went too (glad) before she headed back to the hospital.

Overall, a nice weekend.

CMM student council elections are tomorrow (showing videotaped speeches) – pray Chels and Meg each win a spot!


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